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Physician Billing Services


Physician Billing Services

Over time, physicians dedicate themselves to honing their skills and establishing a thriving practice. However, the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, complex payment regulations, and numerous administrative tasks pose challenges for physicians to maintain an efficient and successful revenue cycle management system. As medical billing errors, administrative pressures, and financial burdens continue to increase, physician groups require a dedicated revenue cycle management partner who empowers them to regain control over their finances.

PSPRO Solution provides medical billing services that comprise the following functions :

Choose the Best Medical Billing Services for your Practice

As medical practices strive to enhance the quality of their healthcare services, PSPRO Solution has emerged as a vital partner in managing their revenue cycle.

PSPRO Solution‘s physician billing services offer seamless business solutions and hassle-free services for medical practices of all sizes. 

Our comprehensive billing service is designed to maximize collections, minimize errors and claim denials, and ensure prompt reimbursements.


By relying on PSPRO Solution‘s professional billing, claim processing, and collection services, you can redirect your focus towards your patients and their needs.

PSPRO Solution‘s physician billing process is tailored to meet the specific requirements of healthcare providers. Our customized workflow seamlessly integrates with your existing business protocols, providing exclusive benefits to your practice. With the expertise of PSPRO Solution‘s certified coders, we meticulously analyze, review, and accurately assign codes, ensuring error-free claim submissions and swift reimbursements. We proactively file and track each claim to prevent any backlog in accounts receivable. Additionally, our team of experts verifies patients’ insurance eligibility and performs real-time preauthorization. We also prioritize timely statements to physicians and send reminders to patients regarding outstanding dues.

 By leveraging the expertise of our dedicated professionals and streamlining processes, PSPRO Solution  ensures an impeccable track record of error-free billing and coding.

Some highlights of PSPRO Solution’s physician billing services are :


Accurate medical billing service

With PSPRO Solution, you can say goodbye to the anxiety of your billing service. Our team of highly professional billing experts ensures precise and error-free billing and coding, guaranteeing a significant improvement in your account receivables and overall financial standing.

Maximize medical practice revenues

PSPRO Solution takes proactive measures to diligently pursue and resolve all outstanding unpaid claims, swiftly transforming them into collectibles. With our team’s expertise and extensive experience, we consistently enhance the revenue streams of your healthcare practice.

24/7 availability

At PSPRO Solution, we alleviate the stress associated with your billing service. Our team of highly skilled billing experts ensures precise and error-free billing and coding, resulting in a remarkable improvement in your account receivables and financial position.

In addition, we have developed our own in-house proprietary technology solutions that drive accuracy and generate revenue by reducing turnaround times. Our Automated ECR (Electronic Claims Resolution) system incorporates built-in rules that contribute to high accuracy and substantial increases in reimbursements. Moreover, our suite of proprietary automation tools includes

Automated Insurance Eligibility Verification

Our automated insurance eligibility verification rule seamlessly handles the verification process for each and every visit, providing real-time benefits information. This eliminates any denials related to coverage and ensures that claims are routed correctly to the appropriate payer during the first submission.

Automated Claim Status Verification

Our automated claim status verification rules proactively push all open claims to the payer system based on specified time rules, retrieving real-time claim statuses. This IT-enabled proprietary technology solution accelerates the processing of open claims, providing instant insights and enabling prompt actions.

Automated Control System

Our Automated PSPRO Solution Control System effectively oversees the accounts receivable (AR) process, leaving no room for oversight and eliminating inefficiencies in a single click. By comparing the measured process value with the desired set values, it accurately categorizes the AR and allocates it to the appropriate tasks. This prioritization enables proactive work, streamlines operations, and ultimately translates into increased revenue by reducing the need for manual handoffs.