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The Accounts Receivable Management (A/R) service plays a vital role in the Revenue Cycle Management of hospitals and healthcare providers, serving as a crucial element for the stability and financial prosperity of medical practices. Effective management of A/R recovery involves ensuring that claims are paid and patients fulfill their payment obligations. Research indicates that a significant portion, up to 25%, of patient services remain unpaid, and approximately 40% of claims are either denied or not resubmitted, resulting in substantial losses for healthcare providers.


Maintaining consistent and efficient A/R management is essential for achieving financial success. However, the ever-changing industry regulations and complex reimbursement processes pose challenges for healthcare providers in collecting the amount owed to them. Therefore, entrusting A/R recovery and claim reimbursements to experts becomes of utmost importance.

Why must you choose PSPRO Solution for A/R recovery services

At PSPRO Solution, our dedicated team of professionals specializes in Accounts Receivable (A/R) recovery, providing a reliable and proven process that yields remarkable results in increasing recoveries, including those previously considered as bad debts. We tailor our services to meet your specific A/R recovery requirements, aiming for expedited cash conversions and a reduction in bad-debt reserves.

Our comprehensive AR recovery services cover claims of all sizes, including small and large claims, as well as well-aged claims. With a steadfast commitment to each claim, we diligently follow up until the payment is resolved. This meticulous attention and unwavering dedication to claims processing result in enhanced reimbursements for your medical practice.


Reduction in bad-debts reserves

After years of experience, Atlantic has developed a well-crafted strategy for effectively managing AR (Accounts Receivable) recovery. Our dedicated team of experts conducts a systematic evaluation and prioritizes each unresolved and aging claim. No claim is left unresolved, denied, or underpaid. Our team identifies errors, undertakes necessary corrections and clarifications, and resubmits claims for reimbursements. Additionally, our team directly interacts with patients to ensure clarity and ease of understanding.

Quick and prompt recovery service

The tireless efforts of Atlantic's team result in accelerated payments, improving the liquidity of healthcare providers throughout the day.

Constant follows-up

Atlantic's system streamlines the AR management process, ensuring efficiency and profitability for medical providers. Here are the benefits of utilizing our services:

Successful collection ratio

Our highly experienced and dedicated AR recovery experts boast an impressive collection ratio for unresolved and aging claims. This significantly impacts the financial standing of medical practices.

Flexible and scalable practices

We customize our AR services to align with your payment models. Our flexible protocols seamlessly integrate with your systems, fostering better client relationships.

Attention to all claims

Atlantic focuses on all types of claims, regardless of their size, age, or likelihood of reimbursement. We give meticulous attention to each claim, striving for a 100% resolution.

HIPAA compliance

Our protocols adhere to 100% HIPAA compliance, guaranteeing the implementation and adherence to all necessary security measures. Absolute data security is ensured.


We recognize the importance of maintaining a healthy bottom line for your practice. If you find yourself spending valuable time and energy on these critical yet monotonous activities, it’s time to leverage Atlantic’s services and adopt the most efficient financial model. For more information about our AR recovery services, please contact us.

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